Fat Pie Pizza

Remember the first time you ate a deep-dish Chicago-style pizza? We certainly do! Those pizzas from Chicago are amazing. Now Fat Pie has brought that unique and super-delicious pizza to Fairhaven. In addition, we’ve gone one better and also introduced our Detroit-style pizza.

Fat Pie Chicago Pizzas are made with a flakey-rich cornmeal crust filled to the top with meats, veggies and bubbling cheese. Fat Pie Detroit Pizzas are inspired by old-world Sicilian recipes and are baked with a tender yet crisp crust, perfect for piling on your favorite toppings and cheese. Our authentic Pan-Pizzas offer an exciting alternative to thin-crust pizzas.

But, for our thin-crust pizza fans, we now offer The Brooklyn, a New York-style crust made light and tender with Hefeweizen beer. Each Fat Pie Pizza is a work of art. We hope you’ll love all of our pizzas as much as we do!

Fat Pie – Your Home for Chicago and Detroit Pan-Pizza!