Looking for the best pizza in Bellingham?

On the corner of Harris and 11th in the Fairhaven district of Bellingham is the best pizza restaurant in Bellingham. At FatPie Pizza, it is not just the passion with which the food is imagined, created, tested, cooked and served. It is not just the fresh ingredients. It is not just the amazing staff and their high level of service. It is not just the location, 3 stories of seating, including 2 outdoor locations with an amazing view of Bellingham and Fairhaven. It is all of that combined that creates a unique dining experience where in a relaxed and fun environment and amazing meal may be had.

Do you like a variety of pizza? Pizza in Bellingham takes on a whole new dimension with FatPie’s 3 options for just pizza styles alone! Chicago Style Pizza. Brooklyn Style Pizza. Detroit Style Pizza. 3 options for deep dish or regular crust pizza. Who knew that Pizza in Bellingham could be this exciting! With 12 standard combinations, from a meat lover’s delight to vegatarian pizza that means that there are at least 36 ways to eat pizza in Fairhaven! But wait! There is more! You can even pick from the list of 35 ingredients and make your own pizza in any of the three styles! Vegetarian pizza? Gluten free pizza? Yes you can!

For the best pizza in Bellingham, head to Fairhaven, follow your nose and be amazed at the fun styling, staffing and seating options at Fat Pie Pizza!


Best pizza options in bellingham